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Keeping Your Car in Ideal Condition: 3 Indications Your Car Needs a Wheel Alignment

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To ensure that you get the most wear out of your car and that your car continues to perform at its highest level, you need to be diligent in getting your car serviced regularly. Among all of the different types of servicing that is needed, your car will also need a wheel alignment every several years. If you haven't gotten the wheels aligned yet, here are 3 indications you should schedule an appointment with a mechanic soon.

Tendency to Steer Towards One Side

When the wheels on your car are not straight or aligned with one another, your car will have a tendency to steer in a certain direction. You'll notice that you have difficulties driving your car straight and will have to turn the steering wheel away from the center position in order to do so. This condition will be more pronounced when you drive in snowy or rainy conditions.

Excess Tyre Wear throughout the Years

Tyres need to be replaced when there is approximately only 2.0 mm of tread left. Monitor the rate of which you need to replace the tyres on your car. This will vary from driver to driver depending on the road conditions they are often driving on and their driving style. If you notice that you need to replace your tyres more often than usual, or if you notice that the tread is being worn down more quickly, it might be an indication that you car needs a wheel alignment. A wheel alignment will be less costly than having to replace your tyres later on.

More Pronounced Wear on the Edges of the Tyre

When the wheels are misaligned, the tyre is usually thrown off balance. Due to this reason, excess pressure will be placed on certain parts of the tyres. Inspect your tyres regularly. If you notice that there is more pronounced wear on the edges of the tyres rather than on the entire surface, you probably have poor handling and control over your car. This problem can often be corrected with a wheel alignment. 

Don't forget to bring your car in to get serviced regularly or whenever the manufacturer requires. The cost of servicing your car regularly will be far less than the cost of repairs and replacements that are caused by misaligned wheels. You should request that the mechanic check the alignment of your wheels even when you bring your car in for regular servicing.