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Improve Your Drive: Why Invest In New Tyres

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If you haven't bought new tyres in a while, it's time to do so. New tyres improve the appearance of your car. They also reduce your risk for roadside emergencies. But, there are other benefits to consider. Before you pass up the opportunity to buy new tyres, read the list provided here. You'll find four benefits to putting new tyres on your car. 

Improve Surface Traction

If your car slips and slides, you need a new set of tyres. If you're driving around on bald tyres, you might not have enough traction to avoid accidents. This is especially true where ice and snow are concerned. But, sand can also cause bald tyres to lose traction. That's where new tyres come into the picture. New tyres give you the traction you need to drive on all types of surfaces. 

Improve Stopping Power

If it takes longer to come to a complete stop, the problem might not be with your brakes. If you've had your brakes serviced, it's time to take a close look at your tyres. You might not know this, but tread depth plays a big role in braking power. If you've got bald tyres, it's going to take you longer to come to a stop. That's why new tyres are so beneficial. Good tread depth helps your car reduce the space you need for a complete stop. 

Improve Acceleration

If your tyres spin when you take off from a stop, it's time for a change. Bald tyres don't only cause problems with stopping power. They also interfere with acceleration. In fact, without good tread depth, you won't get the acceleration you need for your car. That can cause serious problems in an emergency. Make sure you have the acceleration you need. Invest in new tyres for your car. 

Improve Performance

If your car doesn't hug the road anymore, take a look at your tyres. If you've got bald tyres on your car, you might lose out on performance. You might notice that your car doesn't hug the curves the way it should. If your car doesn't take the curves the way it once did, now's the time to buy new tyres. New tyres improve performance. Once you have new tyres, you'll even notice you get better gas mileage from your car. 

Don't drive around on bald tyres. Get the performance you deserve. Invest in new tyres right away.

For more information about tyres, contact a local dealer.