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Hidden Dangers of Used Tyres

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Today, most everyone is trying to save money on auto maintenance and repairs. The high cost of petrol has forced many to look elsewhere to economise on their cars. The problem? Reducing maintenance costs can lead to bigger, more expensive problems later. Skipping an oil change for example, can ultimately lead to excessive engine wear.

One area people are being tempted to save is by purchasing used tyres. Used tyres can be purchased at the fraction of the cost of new, but before you make that choice there are issues to consider.

Where These Used Tyres Are Coming From

Many used tyres are being shipped into Australia in large quantities from other countries. These used tyres are not submitted to any type of inspection process, which means there are a lot of unknowns. It is impossible to know how many miles are on them, if they have been involved in a serious accident, or even if they have been repaired.

Hidden Dangers

Since there are no regulations to track the history of a tyre, the way most people select used tires is if it appears to have lots of tread left. This is a simplistic approach that can lead to an unexpected blowout at the most inopportune time.

There are hidden dangers in used tyres in the imperfections or damage they may have that is difficult to see.

The Environmental Issues of Used Tyres

There is another, little talked about problem associated with large shipments of used tyres into Australia. It is the problem of disposal. Obviously used tyres have a shorter lifespan than new ones. This means they will be disposed of sooner. Yes, these tyres, used for thousands of kilometres in other countries, will serve out their remaining life on Australia's roads and will be disposed of here.

New Tyres: Value and Peace of Mind

If you are in search of tyres Miami, or anywhere on the Gold Coast, purchasing new tyres can provide value that is guaranteed. New tyres are warranted to provide varying amounts of service and will be professionally installed and balanced. From the outset you know how many kilometres you are putting on them and in what conditions they are driven in.

Buying new also gives you the opportunity to select the tyre tread pattern that will work best for the conditions you drive in most. They also provide something you can't get with used tyres, and that is peace of mind for the safety of you and your family.

Trying to save money on your auto maintenance expenses is understandable, but you should understand the ramifications. Be careful that the money you save today doesn't cost you dearly tomorrow.

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