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3 Problems Caused by a Damaged Alloy Wheel

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As well as improving the looks of a vehicle, alloy wheels allow more rubber to be in contact with the road, thereby improving safety. However, if a problem develops with the alloy wheel, it can impact other areas of the vehicle. The tyre, the steering and the balance of the vehicle can all be affected by a faulty alloy wheel. Let’s look at how this can happen, and how to locate and fix them. Read More»

How to Avoid Unexpected Tyre Failure

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There’s nothing worse than having a tyre fail on you unexpectedly. It can ruin your whole day, throw off your schedule, and even lead to a fatal accident if the timing is especially bad. Luckily, tyre failure doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of motoring life. Here are two of the most effective ways to prevent it from happening altogether. Check Air Pressure Regularly The tyres of your car will naturally deflate through simple daily use. Read More»

Hidden Dangers of Used Tyres

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Today, most everyone is trying to save money on auto maintenance and repairs. The high cost of petrol has forced many to look elsewhere to economise on their cars. The problem? Reducing maintenance costs can lead to bigger, more expensive problems later. Skipping an oil change for example, can ultimately lead to excessive engine wear. One area people are being tempted to save is by purchasing used tyres. Used tyres can be purchased at the fraction of the cost of new, but before you make that choice there are issues to consider. Read More»